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Kevin Harasimowicz is AFCO & Sons LLC. exclusive Real Estate agent. Working together for over 5 years to provide our customers the best home buying experience from ground breaking to house warming. Kevin makes his living selling and managing real estate, but he also practices what he preaches. He personally owns and manages 3 investment multi-families in Queen Anne and Kirkland and believes that income producing real estate is by far the best long term investment option in any marketplace today.

Kevin has extensive knowledge of all property types, the local rental market and the mortgage industry. This gives him a competitive advantage over his competition when it comes to advising on structuring offers, projecting cash flows, landlord basics, and maximizing your ROI. Kevin’s primary focus is to help his clients reach their individual goals, while making the process of buying, selling or managing real estate a unique and enjoyable experience for the customer.

Contact Information

Kevin Harasimowicz, Agent
Allison James Estates & Homes
(206) 910-5288 cell
(425) 732-0123 fax

What Clients are Saying

Kevin’s the best – he’s patient, hard-working, and goes out of his way to explain things. He’s super-knowledgeable about all things real-estate and was really helpful in helping me understand what I was getting into. Highly recommended.

Kevin is the type of agent anyone should want to work with. He’s extremely knowledgeable, responsive (you’ll never wait more than a half hour for a reply), he knows the Seattle and Eastside markets extremely well and he’s someone that I’ve come to trust implicitly.

Kevin is really great. He is an amazing agent and we love working with him. He always has his clients best interest in mind, which I find to be very rare for a real estate agent. He never tries to push you to buy a property, always keeps in mind what you need, and is always trying to find you the best deal possible. Love him!

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