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Seattle Home Builders™ is AFCO’s construction arm, and provides all general contracting and builder services to the company. In the real estate and construction business through our parent company since 1988, Seattle Home Builders™ offers home buyers a complete custom home buying experience, from inception to closing.

Work with our experienced team to pick out select details and make your new home reflect all the personality that you would want to instill in it. Upon purchasing your home, you’ll be given a guide to the process, outlining options that are available to you as things progress, and a schedule for decisions to be made by, to assist you in making the process as smooth as can possibly be. With a high degree of client satisfaction, we have the tools in place to truly make your journey something that you can undertake worry-free.

Client Testimonials

When we made an offer…the builder’s credentials were really important to us. We were impressed by SHB’s attitude when first meeting…and their desire to meet our desires & requests. Though not a custom home, we felt like it was! We had good communication, which was important since this was the first time we’ve had a home built before. The more we live in the home, the more we like it. It fits our lifestyles very much.

Seattle Home Builders built us our home we’ve lived in for the last 6 years now. They were really great throughout the process, and allowed us to really be involved with picking out features that we felt were important in our house. After looking at new homes for a while, we really felt that the team at Seattle Home Builders brought the right attitude, knowledge, and personable interaction that we were looking for in deciding who to work with. What an experience! I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a new home!

A couple of years ago, I got a job at Amazon and my wife and I had to move to the area. While we didn’t know much as we arrived, we quickly fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, and Redmond in particular. We decided to buy our first home, and wanted something built new. While looking for reputable Seattle area builders a friend recommended Seattle Home Builders to us. We bought our new home for a great value, and all of the details contained within it are really top notch. Our family always looks forward to visiting from out of town and staying with us in this great home. Thanks, SHB!

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